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Big or Small, We Do It All

Ensure your home or business in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and Milton areas live up to your sanitary standards with reliable and insured garbage removal from AAA Disposal. Don’t worry about bad odours, invasive animal scavengers or unhealthy conditions. AAA Disposal offers great prices for disposal bin rental services licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, including: 


The Importance of Rubbish Removal using a professional Bin & Dumpster Rental Service.

  • A clean environment supports a healthy lifestyle and to have rubbish cleaned out from your area, at least around your home or business, is extremely important. Why is that so? Customer impressions and hygiene are big factors in the operations of any enterprise. When you get a professional garbage removal service in Oakville to take care of your waste in an effective way, the litter, garbage and junk that you throw away don’t contribute to the degradation of the environment. What’s more, some of it even gets recycled to be utilized for other purposes.

  • The electronic devices that you use are quite helpful for your daily purposes but contain harmful material like lead that can cause serious problems to the environment around you. Only professionals from certified garbage removal companies in Oakville can handle these with the caution necessary.

  • When your garbage is out there on the road and mixes with polluted air or water, a reaction occurs that produces methane or carbon dioxide. These are quite toxic in large quantities and affect a person’s breathing. Along with odour, you will also have to contend with diseases. 

Commercial & Residential Disposal Bin Rentals In Oakville 

Serving the Communities of Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington & Milton

Disposal Bags are available for pick-up at our location in Oakville.


Enquire now: 905-337-8686 to make arrangements with our BAG it UP! Program.


Our Shop Location is: 

586 Third Line #4, Oakville, ON L6L 4A7


***Notice: Purchases of bags for pick-up are ONLY available in the city areas of Oakville, Burlington and Milton.***

Our Disposal Bags are the right choice for those smaller clean-up projects!

We would recommend our "Bag It Up" Program.

Are You Looking for Something Smaller than a Dumpster Bin Rental? 

Bag It Up is a portable bag that can handle too much waste for trash bags or not enough for a dumpster bin. Bag it Up is a great clean-up solution for almost any project. Once you have the disposal bag, there is no committed return or pick-up date. Take your time, and call us when you're ready to have us pick up your filled bag of waste... one day, one week, one month, or more! We're ready when you are.

  • ​ Clean-up for garages and/or homes

  • ​ Moving preparation

  • ​ Remodeling debris

  • ​ Yard waste (not large amounts of sod)


  • What is the Usage of Disposal Bin?
    A manufacturer and a merchant for building and demolition companies can utilize it for clearing or removing trees, carry waste during festivals or other occasions. The bin’s overall dimensions also make it ideal for collecting waste and debris during house or office remodelling, demolition, or building projects.
  • What Is the Cost of a Disposal Bin Rental?
    The cost of a disposal bin rental varies according to the size, length, or any other specifications. If you choose the proper sized disposal bin and know how long you will need it on-site, you can adjust the rental plan accordingly. There is a wide range of plans available, renting disposal bins at daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Apart from that, please note that the permitting required in your location is not included in the rental rates and may cost you extra.
  • Where Can I Rent a Disposal Bin in Oakville?
    At AAA All Commercial and Residential Disposal Services, we provide disposal bin rentals based on your needs and size requirements. You can select from multiple sizes and go for the one that best suits your needs and budget.
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